Digested Organics’ Solutions Support the Agricultural Environmental Stewardship Act (H.R. 3744)

The Agricultural Environmental Stewardship Act (H.R. 3744) was reintroduced in Congress on July 12th. This bill will increase agricultural viability by helping to deploy new nutrient recovery and biogas systems that recycle organic material into baseload renewable energy and healthy soil products (according to American Biogas Council’s press release titled “ABC Praises House Introduction of the Agriculture Environmental Stewardship Act”).

The bill incentivizes investment in digester and nutrient recovery technologies, which are solutions that Digested Organics provides today.

So why is it important to recycle nutrients?

Sustainable agricultural practices are very important for the health of crops as well as the environment. When excessive amounts of nutrients are applied to the soil, the crops don’t absorb all of them, causing the extra nutrients to pollute waterways, especially when it floods. These excess nutrients in the water systems can create harmful algae that suffocate fish and other aquatic life.

Nutrient recovery technologies allow farms to apply the right amount of nutrients when and where they are needed throughout the year and greatly reduces the impact of excessive nutrients.

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Digested Organics will be at the North American Manure Expo!

Stop by and see us at the North American Manure Expo in Fair Oaks, Indiana from July 31st to August 1st! We are excited to showcase our different solutions to help YOU reclaim waste. Be sure to check out our  Ultrafiltration and Two-Step Reverse Osmosis solutions, which can help turn waste into clean, reusable water at your farm. Please stop by to learn more and collect some fun swag!

Digested Organics Prevents Manure Lagoon Overflows

This fall, Hurricane Florence’s rains flooded a large area of North Carolina that included many hog farms, causing overflows of the manure lagoons. These overflows raised serious concerns around pollution and questions about the best way to deal with hog manure.

Situations like this could be prevented in the future with the use of Digested Organics’ waste management solutions. Our customized stainless steel ultrafiltration systems can turn manure into a filtrate with little to no suspended solids, bacteria, and phosphorus, while simultaneously creating a high value concentrated fertilizer for more targeted land application. For sites that want to remove water from lagoons and directly discharge it to nearby waterways, we use our Two-Step Reverse Osmosis System to polish the UF permeate, creating crystal clear water for discharge (or reuse) and a second concentrated fertilizer. Used together, we call our integrated filtration package the Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation System.

Digested Organics’ products are customized to the farmer’s needs and have proven to be better for the bottom line and better for the environment. Give us a call at 844-934-4378 to learn how we can help you improve lagoon and manure management today.