Digested Organics offers a new onsite solution for organic wastes that fits the needs of small to medium size food waste and wastewater generators while also providing scalable solutions for larger wastewater flows.

  • By treating wastes 100% anaerobically, our BioEliminator™ system effectively converts organic material in a waste stream into high quality biogas with >65% methane.
  • When combusted onsite in a water heater, boiler, or combined-heat-and-power unit, the biogas is converted into a renewable energy product (heat and/or electricity) while emitting carbon dioxide.
  • By destroying the potential for these wastes to decompose in an uncontrolled manner and release methane to the atmosphere (methane is 21 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide), our treatment systems significantly reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal.
  • By treating waste onsite instead of hauling it, our solutions reduce truck traffic, cut diesel emissions, and improve air quality.

Beyond reducing the burden on nearly full landfills, diminishing the release of greenhouse gases, and producing renewable energy, our approach to waste management focuses on water recycling and conservation.

  • Freshwater resources are increasingly scarce in many parts of the world, and any waste management strategy we employ must consider how we can clean wastewater to reuse-quality.  Our BioEliminator™ system, plus add-ons we offer such as our RO Membrane Purification System, are designed to do just that—we can take almost any organic waste and produce a greywater or purified effluent that can be discharged to local waterways or reused on site.
  • By reusing greywater in a variety of onsite processes, our treatment systems help reduce freshwater consumption and promote water conservation.

As part of our evaluation of any client’s current waste management strategy and any recommendations we may offer for new solutions, we include an assessment of environmental impacts to help our clients quantify how changing their waste management practices can be beneficial for the environment and help them meet their corporate social responsibility goals.

In addition to working with customers in the US, Digested Organics is actively pursuing opportunities to bring our solutions to the developing world.  Here, access to clean energy and clean water is often scarce, and wastewater treatment systems are often underperforming due to lack of financing and equipment failures.  We hope to work with partners to bring new sanitation solutions for the developing world that can meet the needs of our growing population.