Our Ultrafiltration Technology

  • Porous stainless-steel

    Tubular membranes (3/4” ID) with internal titanium dioxide coating for abrasion resistance

  • Welded and bolted construction

    ASME code-stamped pressure vessel; 10’ and 20’ lengths available in any diameter

  • Designed to last

    Made to last 10-15 years in challenging applications with little downtime, maintenance, or repair

  • No internal moving parts

    Simple, robust system with no internal moving parts and efficient externally mounted pump

  • Flexible and Tunable

    Can operate in batch-mode or continuously and be mounted horizontally or vertically

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

Ultrafiltration Performance

  • High Permeate Recoveries

    Typically 75-97% of a wastewater or manure can be recovered as a transparent filtrate or permeate.

  • Removes suspended solids

    Greater than 99.9% of suspended solids are removed removed and concentrated, yielding a clear UF permeate. In manure or digestate applications on farms, this helps make the UF permeate ideal for irrigation since there are no solids to clog nozzles.

  • Removes pathogens

    Greater than 99.9% of pathogens are removed from the filtrate or permeate product. In manure or digestate applications on farms, this helps make the UF permeate ideal for irrigation.

  • Phosphorus and Nitrogen Concentration

    In manures and digestates on farms, more than 90% of the phosphorus and organic-nitrogen is removed and concentrated, creating a UF permeate with very low levels of phosphorus and organic-nitrogen.

  • Highly automated

    Our UF system requires requires little to no operator attention on a regular basis and is remotely controlled and monitored.

How Ultrafiltration Works

The Ultrafiltration system is comprised of three major components: the Ultrafiltration feed pump, the Ultrafiltration recirculation pump, and the stainless steel module containing multiple porous tubular Ultrafiltration membranes. The feed pump supplies material to the system and the recirculation pump moves the material through the tubes with sufficient velocity to keep them clean and forcing the liquids through the pores while retaining all suspended solids.  A variety of sensors detect pressure, temperature and flow rates to control and optimize the operation of the system.  The system can be setup to run continuously or as a batch. It also goes through an automated Clean-In-Place protocol when needed.

What’s unique about this style of membrane filtration is that the design permits the liquid to travel throughout the membrane module evenly in parallel tubes; meaning all of the membrane area is being effectively used.  This results in faster filtration rates, meaning we can use smaller modules (read: lower cost) to get the job done.  This design also prevents solids clogging and quickens cleaning, plus it has a small footprint.

The filter modules are estimated to last at least 10-15 years and besides automated cleaning cycles, should require little to no maintenance.

Available Ultrafiltration Systems

We provide small-scale commercial pilot equipment to full-scale systems customized to your specific application. Click the pictures below to access datasheets on two systems we commonly sell. Please contact us to discuss your application so we help you determine which system is right for you!

UF400 Series

UF2400 Series

Ultrafiltration Pilot Testing

Have manure, digestate, leachate, or another wastewater?

Let us bring our demo skids to your facility or ship your material to us for a detailed  evaluation of our technology.  We’ll collect the data we need to accurately size a system for your full flow along with analytical data, pictures, and samples of the Ultrafiltration permeate and Ultrafiltration concentrate.

Please give us a call to schedule your trial today!

Before and After of Ultrafiltered Wastewater in our Pilot Testing