Our Two-Step Reverse Osmosis™ (TSRO) System

The TSRO System is comprised of a “Stack” of proprietary membranes that work together with traditional spiral reverse osmosis (RO) membranes to concentrate wastewaters and reclaim high-quality clean water.

Raw wastewater or ultrafilter permeate is first passed through the stack membranes, where 50-95% of the water is removed by passing through the membrane and into a salt water solution. The salt water is then processed by RO membranes to generate clean water and brine. The brine is passed back through the stack continuously and the clean water is discharged or reused onsite.

Compared to RO alone, this system provides significant advantages because the Stack can handle high solids, has a very low tendency to foul, and uses very little energy because the wastewater is pumped through it relatively slowly and at low pressures. By isolating the RO membranes from the wastewater, we can produce very clean effluent, reduce downtime for cleaning, and extend the life of the elements.

Compared to an ultrafiltration system, the TSRO produces substantially cleaner effluent that will look like clear water and have much lower levels of all contaminants. Because both the membranes in the Stack and the RO have >95% rejection of ammonia and organics, the water effluent is very clean.

This technology is patent-pending and Digested Organics is the first to bring it to the wastewater treatment industry. Call today to learn more about how this can be used at your facility to reclaim water, produce value-added concentrates, and reduce disposal costs.

Two-Step Reverse Osmosis Key Benefits

  • Fouling resistant

    The Stack membranes are highly resistant to fouling and run at low pressures, so there is little force pushing contaminants into the membrane surface (compared with RO, which runs at high pressures).

  • Low pressure, single-pass design

    By passing wastewater through the stack at low pressures and in a single pass, little energy is consumed.

  • Reclaims high quality water

    Double-membrane water filtration yields a very pure clean water effluent, ideal for reuse onsite.

  • Automated Process

    Fully automated system requires little to no operator attention.

TSRO Pilot Testing

TSRO Pilot Testing on Landfill Leachate

Have manure, digestate, leachate, or another wastewater?

Let us bring our demo skids to your facility or ship your material to us for a detailed  evaluation of our technology.  We’ll collect the data we need to accurately size a system for your full flow along with analytical data, pictures, and samples of the TSRO permeate and TSRO concentrate.

Please give us a call to schedule your trial today!