BioSupport™ Bio-Activator

BioSupport™ Bio-Activator is a liquid concentrate rich in nutrients, trace minerals, and bio-activators.bioS_bottle1

  • It supports the activity of various microbial populations within our BioEliminator™ treatment system, helping them to optimally clean wastes and produce methane-rich biogas. By promoting and sustaining healthy and productive biology, we achieve unparalleled treatment efficiency.
  • We customize the formula for BioSuppport™ to each waste feedstock we work with to ensure we add the optimal amount trace elements.
  • Every waste is different, but we know from experience that many wastes are deficient in important minerals (like Cobalt, Nickel, Molybdenum, Iron, and Zinc, just to name a few).  Without these essential minerals, microbes cannot effectively consume the waste and produce biogas.
  • We want to add just enough of each mineral to ensure high-rate treatment so our customers only buy what their treatment systems need and don’t waste money on excess.

How it Works

Typical dosage rates:

  • For dairy manure, we typically use about 1 gallon of BioSupport™ per 20,000 gallons of manure.
  • For food waste, we typically use about 1 gallon of BioSupport™ per 20 tons of food waste.

Why BioSupport™ and not other additives with microbes or enzymes?

Our philosophy at Digested Organics is to harness the naturally-occurring microbes already present in waste environments.  We rely on BioSupport™ to feed and nourish these microbes so they can function at the best of their ability.  BioSupport™ itself does NOT contain microbes or added enzymes.

As a result, we do not endorse the use of additives containing microbes or enzymes for waste treatment.  Our experience has taught us that adding more microbes into a poorly functioning waste treatment process usually doesn’t help—these microbes will suffer the same fate as the ones already there: a slow demise in toxic conditions.  Instead, we prefer to address the waste treatment process holistically and fix the underlying issues that are leading to poorly functioning biology.

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