BioEliminator™: Modular Anaerobic Waste Treatment

The BioEliminator™ Anaerobic Filter is a modular, scalable, and tunable high-rate anaerobic digester.

  • Fast + Complete Anaerobic digestion

    Convert >90% of the organic matter in wastes into biogas in 3-5 days

  • Modular + scalable

    Modules are delivered onsite pre-assembled for quick installation and flexible configuration; underground and containerized systems available to meet your space requirements.

  • No organic sludge or digestate

    By digesting all organics, the BioEliminator produces only biogas and a greywater effluent. A very small amount of mineralized solids collect in the first section of the treatment system and are emptied 1-2 times/year.

  • Smart water and nutrient management

    Reuse greywater for irrigation, hydroponics, and more. During treatment, nitrogen is mineralized, making it a more bioavailable fertilizer, and phosphorus is partially removed and concentrated for later targeted use.

  • Robust and low maintenance

    No active mixing and no moving parts inside the filtration system means lower maintenance costs, less down time, and better reliability.  In many cases, the entire system relies on just one pump and hydraulic pressure to move waste through.

How it works

Example process flow for a farm (shown with optional dryer):

Example process flow for a food waste generating facility:

Configurations and Add-Ons

The BioEliminator™ is available in numerous configurations and sized to fit our clients’ needs depending on the amount of waste to be processed and the effluent water quality desired.  Since the waste is more completely consumed by microbes the longer it has to travel through the anaerobic filter, we can size our system to match the effluent water quality our customers demand.  We can also tune the process for added flexibility: for example, a farmer could choose cleaner effluent water in one season (e.g., winter) and more nutrient-rich effluent in another season (e.g., spring), when those nutrients could be used as fertilizer in nearby fields.

We also offer additional add-ons for further effluent processing:

  • Ammonia scrubber: This system consists of two towers: one removes ammonia-nitrogen from the effluent in the form of ammonia gas, and the second converts the ammonia gas to concentrated liquid ammonium sulfate.  This concentrate is a valuable source of nitrogen and sulfur and can be used as a targeted fertilizer.  The resulting effluent, which is now lower in nitrogen, can be applied at a higher rate per acre.
  • UF/RO Membrane Purification: This add-on purifies the greywater effluent to discharge quality standards.  For every 100 gallons of greywater, the system produces 40 gallons of nutrient-rich concentrate and 60 gallons of clean water that can be reused onsite or discharged.  We will work with you and local regulators to ensure the proper discharge requirements are being met and the correct permits are obtained.  Learn more about our Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation System.

Upon a careful evaluation of the waste streams you seek to manage, we can develop a customized recommendation and quote for you. Please fill out our questionnaire or call us today to get started!