Chris Maloney to Speak at UW Oshkosh About Small Farm Digesters

Please come learn more about small farm digesters when Digested Organics COO Chris Maloney, along with other industry experts, discuss the latest innovations in the industry at the “Getting it Right” series held by the Environment, Research, and Innovation Center at UW Oshkosh.

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Digested Organics partners with Gryphon Environmental to deliver cost-effective drying solutions

Digested Organics is pleased to announce a partnership with Gryphon Environmental to supply high-efficiency dryers for farmers looking to reuse manure solids as bedding or produce dry feeds.  By using the biogas generated by the BioEliminator™ manure treatment system, a Gryphon Dryer can create significant value for farmers looking to bed with dryer solids (good for reducing somatic cell counts) or produce their own dry feeds from wet materials like gluten or distillers grains.

Digested Organics selected the Gryphon Dryer because its performance is the best in the industry, with a 40% improvement in both operating costs and capital costs over competing technologies.

The Gryphon Dryer injects compressed, heated air into a vacuum that acts to simultaneously evaporate and physically remove water from wet materials.  The dryer operates with a closed-loop air system, meaning the air used during the process is dried and re-circulated to take advantage of existing heat and to reduce energy consumption.  The condensate water can be released to the farm’s lagoon or optionally purified for reuse.

For more information about how Digested Organics can integrate its cutting-edge digestion technology with a Gryphon Dryer, please call us today (844-9-DIGEST) or email at

“County Board chairman: Groundwater top issue in 2015” (Kewaunee County Star News)

Kewaunee County Board Chairman Ron Heuer gave a presentation at the January 20th board meeting to describe his plan for sustainable and cost effective manure management on dairy farms.

Download the presentation here.

The Kewaunee Country Star covered the event.  Read the article here.

Key goals for Kewaunee County mentioned in the presentation:

  • Establish a county initiative that would aggressively install on-farm manure treatment technology on all farms that are in excess of 200 animal units or are operating liquid manure operations no later than end of 2020
  • Phase 1 (end of 2017)
    • Treat the manure (digester and UF/RO) from 20,000 cows
    • Focus – install manure treatment systems on those farms located in the most highly impacted townships
    • Install minimum of 5 CAFO and 5 non-CAFO in time for Farm Tech Days – August 2017
    • Reduce the number of manure spreading vehicles on the road by 40%
    • Enable low-cost funding/loans for all farmers to participate in the program

Digested Organics is standing side-by-side with Kewaunee County administrators, DNR regulators, and most importantly farmers to ensure that the best technology available today is implemented as cost-effectively as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about our treatment solutions and how we are actively working throughout Wisconsin and the rest of the country to promote sustainable manure management.

Digested Organics Sponsors Dairy Strong Conference 2015

Digested Organics proudly sponsored the Dairy Strong Conference at Monona Terrace, Madison WI.  It was a great event with knowledgeable speakers and good networking opportunities.  We are encouraged to see Wisconsin farmers, regulators, and academics working together to help the dairy industry grow while being a good steward of the environment.

For more information on the event, check out the website here: 

Kewaunee County Chairman Ron Heuer on Manure Management

Kewaunee County, Wisconsin is at the forefront of changing how manure is managed. After decades of land spreading manure, they have seen a steady increase in groundwater contamination that has an estimated 30% of the county’s wells unsafe for drinking water.  County Chairman Ron Heuer writes on his blog ( about this issue and points to deploying on-farm technologies like the BioEliminator™ as critical to solving their groundwater problem. Chairman Heuer stated at a recent board meeting…”there are a number of companies that are moving quickly to provide these types of treatment solutions to dairy operators in Wisconsin, which are both affordable, highly efficient and commercially viable. Compared to traditional large scale anaerobic digestion/nutrient management systems which come in around $5000-$7000 per cow, require grants and/or subsidies and are just not scalable down to the smaller dairies, these new systems are now in the range of $1000-$2000 per cow, have compelling performance metrics and and can be installed at virtually any size dairy. As a result of these technology advancements, I believe there are some new and exciting opportunities for Kewaunee County to not only address our own groundwater quality issues but to help our important diary industry thrive and grow in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. And finally, I believe we have the opportunity to demonstrate real leadership and innovation in the State and become a model for other counties with similar issues”.

Don Heilman joins the Digested Organics Team

We welcome Don Heilman to our team as a Development Consultant.  Don is based in Middleton, Wisconsin and will work to develop projects and partnerships across Wisconsin as we look expand our operations in 2015.  Don has many years of experience working throughout several of the sensitive watersheds in Wisconsin, and he brings a wealth of knowledge to our efforts to treat dairy manure and help farmers more effectively manage nutrients through onsite treatment.

(Photo credit: Mike DeVries/ The Capital Times)

Demonstration Unit Winterized and Running Well!

The demonstration unit at the Wagner Dairy has been fully winterized so we can keep it running for the next several months in Wisconsin’s sub-zero climate.  In addition to insulating the container housing the treatment tanks, we have insulated and heated all the lines and the BioMicronizer pump and nozzle.

The latest data from the demo unit has continued to show exceptional treatment efficiency, with very high rates of organic matter conversion to biogas and removal of total suspended solids and phosphorus.  For a complete analysis, please download the latest report.

Come visit us at the World Dairy Expo!

Come meet the Digested Organics team and see our demonstration unit at the World Dairy Expo, Sept. 30th to Oct. 4th.

We are exhibiting at Booth #443 in the Arena Building and will have tours each day to our BioEliminator™ unit at the Wagner Dairy in Middleton, WI.


Please contact us today to reserve a spot on the tour and be sure to stop by our booth to learn more about how a BioEliminator™ and BioSupport™ can help you save money while improving the health and productivity of your herd, generating renewable energy, and protecting vital land and water resources in your community.

BioEliminator™ Demonstration Unit Moved to Wagner Dairy Farm in Middleton, WI

The BioEliminator™ demonstration unit was moved at the end of August from Michigan State University, where it was treating digestate, to the Wagner Dairy Farm in Middleton, Wisconsin.  The unit is designed to treat between 150-200 gallons per day of liquid dairy manure. Since the BioEliminator™ arrives onsite pre-assembled and ready to plug and play, it was quickly commissioned and is currently processing the liquid discharge from the Wagner’s screw press separators.

The liquid manure is prepared for treatment using our BioMicronizer™ process and then passes through the BioEliminator™ system. Within 3 months, we anticipate the unit will produce biogas containing 80% methane as well as a greywater effluent containing very low levels of organics, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Please come visit our demonstration facility during the World Dairy Expo (Sept. 30th to Oct. 4th) or by appointment.  Please contact COO Chris Maloney for more information or to schedule a visit at


New Vertical Hydroponics Towers Installed on BioEliminator™ Demo Unit

We recently installed a set of ZipGrow Towers on our demonstration BioEliminator™ unit.  We planted a variety of edible plants, like basil and mint, and setup a recirculating pump to drip water containing nutrients through the towers.  We will soon begin using the treated effluent from the BioEliminator™ as the liquid media.  This is a great way to make your BioEliminator™ look great and be uniquely functional–grow food for your facility using nutrients from your organic waste.

For more information on ZipGrow towers, check out