“Area farm to try manure technology”–Ultrafiltration Trials set to Begin on Swine Manure

After working with dairy manure for the last several years, Digested Organics will launch its first pilot with swine manure in collaboration with Mercer County, Ohio next week.  Ag Solutions Coordinator Theresa Dirksen helped coordinate plans for the pilot, which will primarily investigate how the ultrafilration (UF) technology we employ can remove phosphorus from swine manure. As shown in the graph below, UF typically removes 97+% of phosphorus from dairy manure and we expect similar performance with swine manure. Normally about 90 gallons of liquid (called UF permeate) with less than 0.2 lbs/1000 gal phosphorus is created for every 100 gallons of manure filtered.

Our proposal to Mercer County stated: “Performance information collected during this demonstration will allow us to size and price commercial-scale equipment, as well as determine operating costs, to give farmers and regulatory agencies in Mercer County a sense of how much this technology costs to implement on various size farms.”
Download the flyer here to learn about public viewing opportunities.

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“Cleaning up manure”–Digested Organics featured in Wisconsin State Farmer

A reporter with the Wisconsin State Farmer recently covered the PDPW Tour of our Integrated Manure Management System at Majestic Crossing Dairy in Sheboygan Falls, WI.

Some highlights from the article include:

“We had been looking at manure treatment systems for years, but we just couldn’t get comfortable with either the technology or the costs involved,” Strauss said. “This seemed like the right fit for our farm. We like the fact that it’s highly automated, has a small footprint and is environmentally sustainable  — something that is important to us and to our community”. Strauss said by removing the water they are able to save a lot of money and wear and tear on roads by not hauling water with the nutrients to their fields.

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Governor Walker Addresses Water Quality in Kewaunee County

Governor Walker Addresses Water Quality in Kewaunee County

Thursday, November 17, 2016 – Press Release


Kewaunee – Governor Scott Walker announced he has requested the Public Service Commission (PSC), Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP), and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to coordinate resources and draft a Request for Proposal that aligns digester technology to all sizes of dairy farms in environmentally sensitive areas of Wisconsin. The goal of this effort is to alleviate water quality concerns in these areas. Governor Walker made the announcement at the Heritage Farm Site in Kewaunee today to address nutrient management and water quality challenges in Kewaunee County. “Water quality is a top priority for us,” Governor Walker said. “This joint effort is important progress, and we will continue working toward a sustainable solution to ensure our natural resources remain viable for generations to come.”

The state is already addressing recommendations made by the Kewaunee Groundwater Collaboration Workgroup and this joint initiative will be a key step in the effort to make sure Wisconsin’s water resources are safe and healthy for the citizens of the state.

Anaerobic digesters are an innovative approach to addressing groundwater quality issues. When properly scaled and applied, digesters can reduce agricultural runoff and groundwater issues, spur economic development in rural communities, and create a renewable source of energy production in the form of biogas.

The PSC, DATCP, and DNR will work together to make recommendations by December 1, 2016 that propose a tangible private sector response linking the application of digester technology to environmentally-sensitive areas of Wisconsin, specifically areas with high concentrations of dairy cattle. A Request for Proposal laying the groundwork for actionable items should be ready to release publicly in January.


Professional Dairy Producers® (PDPW) to Showcase Majestic Crossing Dairy

The Professional Dairy Producers® (PDPW) will showcase six cutting-edge dairies through the PDPW Nutrient Innovation & Dairy Technology Tours, Wednesday, Nov. 9 and Thursday, Nov. 10. We are proud that our Integrated Manure Management System (IMMS) at Majestic Crossing Dairy is one of the tour stops this year!

The chartered bus tour will depart at 9 a.m. and return at 4:30 p.m. each day from Fox Valley Technical College in Chilton.  Fellow dairy farmers looking to grow their business or increase environmental or on-farm management efficiencies will see firsthand the latest innovations and technologies the industry has to offer.

Advanced registration is required for processing.  Please complete and submit your registration by Mon., Nov. 7.  For more information call PDPW at 800-947-7379 or review the program flyer.


Thanks for visiting with us at World Dairy Expo!

We had a great time meeting farmers from around the world at this year’s World Dairy Expo!  Here, Chris Maloney and Dean Strauss, owner of Majestic Crossing Dairy in Sheboygan Falls, WI are enjoying a morning coffee and discussing the latest upgrades we’ve made to his Nutrient Concentration and Water Reclamation System.  Dean is the proud owner of our second-generation, all stainless steel ultrafiltration system.  It’s up and running and we’ll be putting more info on the website in the coming weeks!img952512

Visit with us at World Dairy Expo on October 4-8

Digested Organics is unveiling the latest in ultrafiltration technology at Majestic Crossing Dairy, our flagship commercial facility in Sheboygan Falls, WI. Come see us at World Dairy Expo 2016 Booth AR #443 October 4-8 to learn more about the full range of economic and environmental benefits from our Integrated Manure Management System!

Digested Organics joins Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

Digested Organics is proud to be a new member of the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin. Since 1992, this world class organization of producers, dairy professionals, and other stakeholders from across the nation and beyond has been one of the leading advocates addressing critical industry issues. We look forward to lending our voice to this organization as we try to help the industry find economic and environmentally sustainable solutions to the challenges of manure management.

Please come visit us at Farm Technology Days (July 19 to 21)

Digested Organics will be at Farm Technology Days (Lot #714) at Snudden Farms in Lake Geneva, WI on July 19-21. Please come visit our booth to learn more about the Integrated Manure Management System (IMMS) and how we can turn your farm’s manure into clean water and concentrated fertilizer.

Chris Maloney and Don Heilman will be there, along with our two demostration skids.  These skids are available to interested farms so we can show you at your farm how our technology works.  Please contact Chris directly if you’re interested in setting up a demo at 847-431-6826.



Thanks for visiting at Farm Breakfast 2016!

There was a wonderful crowd and lots of curious visitors at the Sheboygan County “Breakfast on the Farm” this year.  Thanks to the Strauss family for making their farm available for this great event!

And a nice collage put together by the County:


Thanks for joining DBA’s Tour of the IMMS at Majestic Crossing!

On February 23, Digested Organics and Majestic Crossing Dairy hosted WI Dairy Business Association staff and regional members at the farm where they were able to see our Integrated Manure Management System in operation. Chris Maloney, Digested Organic’s COO, led the tour and a Q&A session at the subsequent members luncheon, answering questions and discussing the broader manure management challenges facing the dairy industry today.
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