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We can assist all types of food service and retail businesses more sustainably manage food waste–bringing savings to your bottom line while helping you green your operations and satisfy your customer’s expectations for eco-friendly practices.

Whether you run a supermarket, cafeteria, hotels, restaurant, hospital, military base, or retirement communities, your operation likely produces large quantities of both pre- and post-consumer organic waste.

  • On average, about half a pound of waste is generated for every meal served.
  • This waste is often a nuisance onsite, leading to odors and pests, and can require costly refrigerated storage, especially in warmer climates.
  • This waste is costly to dispose of via traditional methods such as landfilling.  The need for frequent waste pickups combined with longer hauling distances, rising fuel prices, and increasing tip fees are all contributing to steadily rising waste disposal costs.
  • Disposal in a landfill is a huge contributor to climate change since food scraps decompose and release methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Wastewater and food waste at a large cafeteria using a pulper

Besides food waste, your facility may produce waste grease, some of which ends up down the drain where it clogs grease traps and interceptors.  These devices can be difficult and costly to service.  In many cases, the cost of periodic grease trap cleanouts can be even more expensive than food waste disposal.

Digested Organics has a solution for both these waste streams: the BioEliminator™.

  • This containerized waste treatment system can conveniently process your raw or pulped organic wastes (from 250 lbs/day to 1 ton/day), along with kitchen and plate-washing wastewater full of fats, oils, and greases (FOGs).
  • With our system, there is no more hauling food scraps outside to the dumpster and no more garbage trucks coming to pick it up—we eliminate the solid waste entirely through our natural biological process.  All that’s left is greywater that can be discharged to the sewer or reused onsite.
  • Plus, our unit produces renewable natural gas that can be used to generate heat and power for your facility.

Check out the BioEliminator™ page to learn more about how our containerized waste solutions can help cut your costs and reduce your environmental impact.  For a large cafeteria, we recommend placement of our BioMicronizer waste loading workstation inside near where waste is generated for increased convenience.  For facilities using pulpers and related waste handling equipment, we can integrate directly with these units for hands-free waste processing.


Illustration of BioEliminator™ in 20′ container

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