Our Company and Mission

Digested Organics was founded in 2013 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by a team committed to changing the way our society manages waste. Businesses in all sectors of our economy tend to create some unwanted material considered to be waste, and when deciding what to do with it, they typically have two goals in mind: minimize costs and reduce environmental impact.

Our mission is to empower businesses to Reclaim Waste™. We focus on the conversion of organic wastes, such as manure, digestate, food & beverage manufacturing wastes, and other high strength wastewaters, into clean water, concentrated co-products, and when possible, renewable energy.

We specialize in filtering and treating difficult waste streams to help our customers reduce wastewater disposal costs, reclaim clean water for reuse, and produce valuable co-products. We also deploy our filtration technology to help companies manufacturing clarified or concentrated food and beverage products. We are dedicated to providing products and services that holistically address our customers needs and exceed their expectations.

We specialize in four core technologies that we apply to process or waste challenges:

1) A spiral brush filter screen that removes particles down to about 10 microns to cost-effectively remove suspended solids and organic matter from liquid process or waste streams

2) A stainless steel ultrafiltration system that removes particles down to <0.02 microns to create clarified products and high solids concentrates

3) A Two-Step Reverse Osmosis system that combines forward osmosis and reverse osmosis technologies to purify waste or process streams into very clean water and concentrates

4) High rate biological treatment systems, such as Moving Bed Biological Reactors (MBBRs) and Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors, to remove organic matter and suspended solids from waste streams prior to discharge or reuse onsite

When it comes to waste management, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; rather, we size and configure our systems for a client’s particular needs so we minimize their waste-associated costs, maximize value generation from their waste, and protect our environment.

In an era when landfills are quickly running out of space, waste hauling is becoming increasingly expensive, new legislation is banning the disposal of organics in landfills, and our watersheds are stressed by excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus, our solutions address the growing demand for smarter, less expensive, and greener processing of organic materials. We hope we can put our passion to work for you!


The team at Digested Organics is always interested to meet individuals passionate about the future of waste management.  If you have a background in environmental, civil or chemical engineering and are interested in a technical position, or if you have unique experience in sales of waste-related equipment, please contact us. If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, especially at a local Michigan University, please feel free to inquire regarding internship opportunities we may have available.