DBA to Tour IMMS at Majestic Crossing Dairy Feb. 23rd!

Please join regional members of the Dairy Business Association for a complimentary lunch, policy updates, informative tours, presentations and networking on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 (10am-2pm) in Sheboygan Falls, WI.
Starting at 10:30am, COO Chris Maloney will be providing DBA staff and members with a tour of the Integrated Manure Management System (IMMS) at Majestic Crossing Dairy (N5854 Meadowlark Road, Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085). We look forward to seeing you there.
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“Task force moves forward on groundwater issues”

We are proud to be part of the effort to improve groundwater quality in Kewanuee County, Wisconsin.  You can read more about this here:




Processing of manure on the farm? It is here, it is now!

Ron Heuer just posted this to his blog….

Time and time again I have heard from the local Kewaunee County environmentalists, “it will be years and years before we have efficient manure processing technology that will make any difference in our County.”  Well, I am happy to report that, once again, they are incorrect.  It won’t be years before our local CAFOs are running fully integrated manure processing systems that can concentrate nutrients and remove up to 65% of the water.

On November 5th, a number of Kewaunee County Board Supervisors attended a tour of Digested Organics (DO) fully integrated manure processing installation at Majestic Crossing Dairy in Sheboygan Falls.  Supervisors, Bob Weidner, Tom Romdenne, Ron Paider, Ron Heuer and John Mastilar, were among a group of about 30 people to take a tour of this new manure processing system. Joining them were other guests from around the State including Agriculture Secretary Ben Brancel and his Section Chief Sara Walling, representatives from 4 counties as well as numerous dairies including several Kewaunee County CAFOs (Ducats, Pagel’s and Ebert’s).

Digested Organics began building the Majestic Crossing IMMS in late July and it is now running. The Majestic Crossing Dairy Integrated Manure Management System (IMMS) is designed to process 20,000 gallons of raw manure per day -this installation is sized for the dairy’s 650 cows. The system has an integrated high efficiency digester (90% organic solids conversion to biogas and approx. 70% methane content) combined with a nutrient concentration/water reclamation system that takes the digestate from the digester and concentrates the key nutrients into roughly 35% of the volume, reclaiming the balance of 65% as reusable water.

While the digester is still under construction (expected to producing biogas bay the end of the month), we witnessed their system process raw manure, pressed through 2 screw presses. During the tour, DO processed this effluent, which is even more difficult to process than digestate with ease, producing concentrate from the effluent and water that was drinkable!

After 2 successful pilot programs in Michigan and Wisconsin, the IMMS was officially launched during this years World Dairy Expo week. It is simple, highly automated and designed to operate virtually round the clock. Modular and scalable, DO’s COO Chris Maloney says DO based its design philosophy on improving operational optionality and flexibility, reducing volume in hauling and spreading and lowering those costs. He further stated that DO focuses it’s philosophy around the 3 cornerstones in manure management; 1)Efficient harvesting of the energy, 2) Separating and concentrating the nutrients for crops and 3) Reclaiming the water with high enough quality for the animals to drink, suitable (and permitable) for discharge into a nearby waterway) and/or used for flushing, washing or cooling on the farm.

So here is how it works.  Manure is scraped in to a pit and then pumped to screw presses where the coarse solids are separated and dropped into a retaining area. Currently, Majestic Crossing is land applying the solids but may decide to dry them and reuse as bedding in the future. The liquid effluent from the presses is then processed by DO’s proprietary BioMicronizer™ Solids Disintegration System.  Fine solids are “exploded” through a high pressure device, creating a homogeneous feedstock with a dramatic increase in surface area and reduced particle size—the ideal combination for faster anaerobic digestion.  This effluent is also dosed with a custom-formulated additive called BioSupport™, which provides trace minerals and bio-activators that accelerate the digestion process.  The disintegrated liquids then enter the BioEliminator™, a patent-pending digester that utilizes internal bio-media to house and retain microbes for faster digestion and cleaner biogas.  The digester is 100,000 gallons (5-day residence time) and runs year round at a constant 100°F.  After the BioEliminator, the digested manure (digestate) goes through a Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation System™ (NCWR) to produce concentrated liquid fertilizer and clean water for reuse or discharge.  This patent-pending system utilizes advanced ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) technologies, along with a unique combination of polishing steps, to produce high quality water for reuse.

So, how clean is the water coming out of this system?  Very clean and we all drank it, in fact, Secretary of Agriculture Ben Brancel was one of the first to line up for a drink!

From L to R in the background, Supervisor John Mastilar, Chris Maloney, Digested Organics COO, Secretary Ben Brancel and Bobby Levine, CEO of Digested Organics.

From L to R in the background, Supervisor John Mastilar, Chris Maloney, Digested Organics COO, Secretary Ben Brancel and Bobby Levine, CEO of Digested Organics.

So, the metrics that DO represented to us at last winters board meeting are being met today at Majestic Crossing Dairy. 65% water recovery and clean enough that it can be discharged.  Think of what this could mean to our county.  We have in excess of 600 million gallons of liquid manure in our Kewaunee. What if we could process 400 million gallons of that manure and remove 65% of the water before it is transported to the fields for application? That would be the equivalent of approximately 48,000 tanker truck loads that would not have to run down the highways and a reduction of 260 million gallons of liquid that would not go on the fields.

This can be achieved and the technology exists today! Our farmers understand that it is imperative we reduce the number of gallons of liquid manure going out on our fields. The time for action is now…and, this can be done in fairly short order, it will not take years.

Stand by, more information to come soon…………………………

“Board Chairman Eyes Possibility Of Digesters In Kewaunee County”

See the news reported by Door County Daily News about how the County wants to support digesters and Integrated Manure Management practices like those Digested Organics can offer:


Chairman Ron Heuer addresses water quality issues in Kewaunee in new blog post

Ron Heuer just published a new blog post about water quality in Kewaunee county and called out Digested Organic’s Integrated Manure Management System as one of the tools farms can use to process manure on-site and help reduce damage to ground water resources.



“Sheboygan dairy invests in new technology to deal with manure” on www.Wisbusiness.com


Read about our first commercial installation of the Integrated Manure Management System™ at Majestic Crossing here or cut and paste this link into your browser window: http://bizopinion.wisbusiness.com/2015/09/marybeth-matzek-sheboygan-dairy-invests.html


Press Release: Groundbreaking at Majestic Meadows Dairy in Sheboygan, WI


Digested Organics Announces Construction of Integrated Manure Management System in WI

ANN ARBOR, MI. July 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Digested Organics LLC has begun construction on its first fully Integrated Manure Management System (IMMS™) at the Majestic Meadows Dairy in Sheboygan Falls, WI. The IMMS will process 20,000 gallons of manure per day, effectively harvesting energy through biogas generation, concentrating nutrients for more targeted crop use, and reclaiming clean water for farm use and surface water discharge.

Digested Organic’s IMMS is a fully integrated and scalable manure treatment system – combining a high efficiency/low residence time anaerobic digester with a highly automated ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis system that concentrates nutrients into 30% of the original manure volume while recovering about 70% of the original volume as clean water suitable for drinking water for the animals, washing and flushing on the farm, or direct discharge to local waterways (with the appropriate DNR permit). Unlike most other solutions available today, the IMMS does not use polymers and chemical flocculants to remove solids from manure; instead, it relies on a patented ultrafiltration system that can reliably remove >99% of the suspended solids and phosphorus. The concentrated nutrients can also be dried or pelletized for easy storage or transport out of the watershed.

“We have been actively working with dairy farmers, county officials, regulators and other Wisconsin stakeholders that have been leading the manure management debate across the State,” said Chris Maloney, Digested Organic’s Chief Operating Officer. “The dairy industry has been looking for commercially proven, operationally robust and cost competitive solutions to manage their manure for years,” Maloney said. “We believe we have an integrated solution that will deliver these key attributes and provide important operational flexibility that will enhance the farm’s overall operation in an environmentally sustainable way.”

“We had been looking at manure treatment systems for years, but we just couldn’t get comfortable with either the technology or the costs involved,” said Dean Strauss, Managing Partner and co-owner of the Majestic Meadows Dairy. Digested Organic’s solution is the right fit for our farm, allowing us to concentrate key nutrients for our crops into substantially less volume at a competitive operating cost – that means getting manure trucks off the road and reduced hauling costs. We also like the fact that it’s highly automated, has a small footprint and is environmentally sustainable – something that is important to us and to our community”.

With over two-dozen projects proposed across Wisconsin, Vermont and Michigan, the project at Majestic Meadows is Digested Organic’s first fully integrated commercial facility.  The IMMS is expected to be operational by the end of September, just ahead of the World Dairy Expo in Madison. CG Solutions, based in Milwaukee, is serving as the engineering, procurement and construction contractor. The facility will be owned and operated by Majestic Meadows Dairy.

About Digested Organics | 
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI., Digested Organics LLC is a privately held technology solutions company specializing in organic waste treatment and processing including livestock and food waste, municipal sludge’s and FOG’s. More information is available at www.digestedorganics.com.

Digested Organics contact: Robert Levine, CEO

Office: 844-9-DIGEST (844-934-4378)

Come see Digested Organics at WI Farm Tech Days!


Please come learn about what Digested Organics has to offer at the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days!  This popular event will be held at the Statz Bros. Farm in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on August 25-27.  You can find us at Tent B – Booth 131.

Kewaunee Chairman Ron Heuer Responds to Groundwater Issues

Ron_HeuerRead Chairman Ron Heuer’s latest update on Kewaunee County, including a detailed respond to recent reporting on groundwater issues and CAFOs.