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Filtering Thin Stillage Beats Evaporation

the  Are you evaporating thin stillage? We can filter it instead at a fraction of the cost! Our stainless steel ultrafilter recovered ~75% of this thin stillage as a clarified filtrate with no suspended solids and significantly reduced nutrient content. Key benefits: UF permeate is ideal to reuse as backset since it contains no oils, […]

UF Cleans Up Biodiesel Wastewater

We recently demonstrated how our stainless steel ultrafilter could process oil-washing wastewater rich in FOG from a biodiesel plant. The UF removes all suspended solids, FOG, and makes a filtrate that the plant can reuse to wash the next batch of raw oil. Our UF can also be an effective solution before onsite wastewater treatment […]

Digested Organics Awarded Grant for Manure Ultrafiltration in Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge

Digested Organics was recently awarded a $45,000 grant to study manure and digestate ultrafiltration in Vermont as part of the Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge (VPIC). We will be deploying a mobile pilot-scale ultrafiltration system to show how we can concentrate the phosphorus in dairy manure (or digested manure) into about 20% of the initial volume, […]

Two-Step Reverse Osmosis Removes PFAS + PFOA

We recently completed testing with our Two-Step Reverse Osmosis system to demonstrate it can remove PFAS and PFOS from landfill leachate.  Here’s some background on the issue: Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is a class of man-made chemical compounds that have been manufactured since the 1940’s. PFOS and PFOA are two of the most widely […]

Tackling a difficult laundry wastewater with UF and oxidation

When a client comes to us with a difficult wastewater, we get right to work identifying how best we can meet our client’s goals.  In this case, our customer had a laundry wastewater laden with ink and volatile organics. We used our stainless steel ultrafiltration to remove suspended solids and most of the color, then […]