Watch Dean Strauss of Majestic Crossing Dairy

explain his farm's commitment to sustainability

and why he chose to install a Nutrient Concentration

and Water Reclamation System from Digested Organics!

Meet the Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation (NCWR)™ System

A revolutionary new way to concentrate manure and reclaim water

• 1,000 gallons of manure becomes 400 gallons liquid fertilizer and 600 gallons of clean water

• Reduce hauling and spreading costs

• Apply concentrated fertilizer when plants need it most

• Discharge clean water or reuse onsite for animal drinking water or wash water

Harvest Energy │ Capture Nutrients │ Reclaim Water™

We've been listening to farmers tell us what they want...

"Get manure trucks off the road"

"Save me money on hauling and spreading"

"Reduce pathogens, odors, and runoff"

Learn about how Digested Organics solutions can help you
achieve all of this and more...

Harvest Energy │ Capture Nutrients │ Reclaim Water™

BioSupport™: the Bio-Activator that's customized to your waste

Customized formulations based on your waste

Essential trace minerals + bio-activators

No microbes, no enzymes

Safe and easy to use

40% of food in the US goes to waste each year

The resources it took to make this food get wasted too:

• 25% of all freshwater resources

• 4% of the oil we consume

• $165 billion dollars

And we spend $750 million dollars sending it all to a landfill

Learn how to Harvest Energy, Capture Nutrients, and Reclaim Water...

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Our Mission

Reduce the cost and environmental impact of waste disposal through onsite waste treatment and bio-energy production.
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Our systems turn manure, food waste, and high strength wastewater into clean water and bio-energy.
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Markets we Serve

We can help anyone producing and treating organic wastes and high strength wastewaters
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