Industrial and Municipal Waste Management

Digested Organics provides a number of industrial and municipal users with cost competitive, turnkey organic waste treatment solutions that save money, reduce environmental impacts, and encourage sustainable growth and expansion.  If your business falls into one of these categories, there’s a good chance we can help:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Activated sludge wastewater treatment plants (producing biosolids)
  • Large-scale anaerobic digestion (producing digestate)

Businesses in each of these sectors tend to create liquid and solid organic wastes that are ideal for anaerobic digestion.  By treating these wastes with a high-rate anaerobic digester like the BioEliminator™, you can reduce and in many cases eliminate solid waste hauling, odors, and pathogens while generating renewable energy and making reusable water.

  • Treat food and beverage wastes

    Food manufacturers, breweries, and other beverage producers can benefit from a BioEliminator™ through reduced waste disposal fees (for both solid waste and surcharges for sewer disposal), onsite renewable energy production (biogas can typically be burned in existing boilers) and a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants

    Typical activated sludge plants produce biosolids that can be costly to dry, haul, and dispose of by landfilling or land application. With a BioEliminator™, biosolids can be digested very efficiently, greatly reducing the volume of solids to be disposed of and thereby reducing costs substantially. The biogas generated by digestion can be used to produce power to offset electricity purchases from the grid or meet thermal demands. With its low-cost and modular design, the BioEliminator™ makes high-rate digestion technology attractive to small and medium-size domestic wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Existing Digesters

    Many existing anaerobic digesters today require long retention times (20-30 days) and only convert about 30-60% of the organic matter in waste into biogas. As a result, they produce a digestate laden with organic matter that can be odorous and full of pathogens. A BioEliminator™ can be effectively used to “polish” digestate and eke out as much biogas as possible from digestate while making a cleaner, safer effluent.

Our technical sales engineers can perform an assessment of your waste management strategy, including the proper chemical analyses, and recommend if a BioEliminator™ is right for your facility.